Activities & Services

The focus of my activities is tied to 3 key areas of my education and practice - psychology, direct marketing and performance management. In my work, I support and devote myself to projects that have meaning and develop the current society in a positive direction.

movement therapy 

& mental health

the idea of developing mental health using movement and music is the basis of strengthening self-regulation and developing motivation

mental and NLP coaching & career consulting

we learn all our lives and share the idea that investing in education and personal development will never be taken away from any of us

prevention of discrimination & psychodiagnostic

analysis of the work environment, work tools and group dynamics helps the development of organizations

direct marketing & networking

using marketing to develop service potential and mapping performance capacities with an effective display of results

lean six sigma & process management

improving productivity and service quality is based on a perfect knowledge of the requirements and expectations of clients without errors and bottlenecks

recruitment & HR marketing

we help with the recruitment and acquisition of workers, which has its roots in proper HR marketing, building a brand and identifying talents

I provide my services under the auspices of the commercial company MMT Consulting, Ltc., which I founded in 2010 as a family advisory, consulting and educational company with the aim of doing business in the areas I am professionally and professionally engaged.

Create Communities Together...

In addition to commercial activity, I also engage in community activities in cooperation with two non-governmental organizations MARTINO - Institute of Society Development (founded in 2007) and (founded in 2019)

Civic Association MARTINO - Institute of Society Development deals with the provision of consulting services. Counselling takes place with a focus on the prevention and elimination of discrimination in the labour market and on supporting people from a psychological and therapeutic point of view. In addition, he deals with career counselling, coaching, motivational counselling and team-building counselling.

The civic association deals with mental coaching, movement therapy, psychological diagnostics and activities in sports, either in the form of supporting leisure activities or providing consultancy in the field of marketing and brand development. The target group is mainly families, children, people suffering from obesity, and those interested in exercise therapy, reducing depression and other negative phenomena of society.

... and the most popular ...

Among the most popular products available on the market are HR marketing workshops called HR WORDING or Do you want to advertise creatively (?) and the free sequel HR PICTURING or How to create attractive HR advertising with pictures (?). These courses were created from my experience in internal and external recruitment, they contain many practical examples and also advice from practice.

  • HR PICTURING: Come sizzle with pictures on social networks. Do you think you need a marketing team for attractive advertising? How to easily work with images? What can be used in the creation of advertising besides words? The goal of the training is to gain practical experience in the creation of visual advertising, especially on social networks and web portals with the help of psychological phenomena of human thinking. The course is a free continuation of the HR WORDING course. You will learn to perceive pictures and graphics in a different way and connect them with words. You will find out how to increase the attractiveness of the ad. Attracting new employees is no longer just about simply listing the benefits and the job description. The right ad is an art of marketing and behavioural psychology.
  • The goal of the HR WORDING training is to gain practical experience in creating verbal or visual advertising with the help of psychological phenomena of human thinking. You will learn to perceive words in a different way and connect them with visual examples. You will find out the extent of your creativity and at the same time, you will learn how to support its development when creating an ad. Attracting new employees is no longer just about simply listing the benefits and the job description. The right ad is an art of marketing and behavioural psychology.

Another popular MY BODY | product is counselling in the field of movement therapy and body therapy. Group therapy sessions are a platform for people who are interested in working with their bodies.

The basis of the course is to get to know basic relaxation methods, biodynamic exercises and mental exercises supporting indomitability and helping to overcome blocks and psychological barriers. Group meetings are held in two groups - for beginners and advanced in regular 2-week intervals.

The exercise is intended for people interested in working with the body, overweight and obese, with physical and somatic problems, psychologists, psychology students, and the general public.

  • Motivational lectures and workshops - focused on personal development, career counselling, healthy lifestyle and obesity, possibilities of self-transformation and psychological support, team building and development
  • Education and development - realization of the training, workshops and educational activities in the field of soft- and hard skills
  • Individual mental coaching - aimed at strengthening the positive aspects of personality and finding sources of personal development
  • Career counselling - based on the educational concept of Career Navigation by the author Thomas Diener from Austria. We connect counselling with the concept of Process-Oriented Psychotherapy. At the same time, it is possible to use professional diagnostics focused on personal strengths and development aspects and motivational factors of the personality.
  • Counselling - in the field of a healthy lifestyle, overweight and obesity, development of mental abilities, in the field of personality development, life direction or career development. The focus of the meeting is determined by the client himself according to his individual needs