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Inspire people to life changes ...

I help people who are looking for support and help. I advise how to deal with life's difficulties or how to enter the labour market more easily. A meeting with me may be important for you if you have found yourself in a difficult life or work situation, are trying to make a change in your life or want to develop your personal potential.

I work with people with work and relationship problems, with excess weight, psychosomatic complications, or with people encouraging their own personal development. I educate and advise in the field of career and performance management. I help people transform their attitude towards themselves and enjoy life.

I provide therapy and counselling to clients from the comfort of their homes. Easier and without prejudice. Try online video therapy and book an appointment.   

Research shows that online therapy is just as effective as an in-person session.

According to the conducted studies, online psychological counselling is comparably effective as a personal session, and clients positively evaluate its practical and effective way of providing it. Economically, online counselling is more advantageous for the client. During its implementation, the client experiences greater security.

In my work, I combine movement therapy, process therapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coaching elements. Thanks to the body diagram and movement patterns, I try to identify the emotional and personality side of the client. I am looking for ways to connect sensory channels with the human psyche.

Together with the client, we try to discover secondary processes that gradually lead us to a successful goal. Movement exercises and mental training together with therapy help to improve awareness of one's own body. We work with the breathing, emotional anatomy and unconscious psychological processes of the client.

movement therapy 

& mental health

the idea of developing mental health using movement and music is the basis of strengthening self-regulation and developing motivation

mental and NLP coaching & career consulting

we learn all our lives and share the idea that investing in education and personal development will never be taken away from any of us

prevention of discrimination & mediation

analysis of the work environment, work tools and group dynamics helps the development of organizations, conflict mediation